Optibiz partners accreditation

OptiBiz has partnered with a few select organisations to provide its clients a range of products, services and software to assist with their health and safety management and compliance.

With this continual development and improvements by our partners, it provides business’ a certain degree of comfort, in knowing that the products are meeting legislative or industry requirements.

OptiBiz ensures that it is continually staying up to date with current legislation and new health and safety protocols to ensure they can offer their clients more and for this reason have been accredited by NZ institute of safety management, to show our clients we take health and safety seriously.

Safe 365


Checkmate is a visual tag system that allows companies to easily ensure all of their plant and equipment is compliance through a simple digital tag system with automated reporting. It can be used on any equipment that requires an audit and audit questions can be customized to your business.

Clever Medkits

Clever First Aid is the world’s only smart first aid system. With cutting edge technology that embodies machine learning, sensors and cloud software, Clever First Aid takes the pain away from managing and monitoring first aid compliance.

New Zealand Institute of Safety Management

Created as an incorporated society in 1972 the New Zealand Institute of Safety Management (NZISM) represents the interests of Generalist Health and Safety Practitioners and Professionals who work in private or public sector organisations in a multitude of industries throughout New Zealand. We also assist in determining standards for health and safety in New Zealand and consulting with the likes of the New Zealand Government via our association with the Health and Safety Association of New Zealand (HASANZ).