You can never predict an emergency. Be it an earthquake, fire or accident, having a detailed emergency response plan is essential as an employer. A comprehensive plan allows all stakeholders a better understanding of risk management and better knowledge of their roles in an emergency.
As part of workplace health and safety regulations, all buildings must have an appropriate emergency plan. This is to protect employees, contractors, site visitors and customers.
Emergency plans are tailored to the type of work and workplace. If the work is low risk, emergency plans may not need to be lengthy or complicated. In higher-risk situations, more comprehensive plans will be required.
We can develop our clients an approved NZ Fire Service evacuation plan that, along with a tailored emergency plan. We cover a comprehensive list of potential emergencies that could occur within your business.
These plans will include educations around testing these newly implemented emergency procedures. This includes instructions regarding the frequency of testing, information, training, and instruction. This can then be given to relevant workers for implementing the emergency procedures.
Your emergency plan will include a detailed floor plan showing where emergency equipment and first aid supplies can be found, and the location of utilities.

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