Health & Safety services to Business’ within the Waikato


Since 2016, OptiBiz has provided health and safety services to business’ within the Waikato.

OptiBiz’s point of difference is that we don’t sell our clients a pack of templates and ask them to call us if they have an issue or concern, we spend time in their business and constantly monitor the heartbeat of their health and safety system.

With the key focus for OptiBiz, being that they want to provide their clients more than just sound advice or templates, they are wanting to become part of their clients team, by having a presence in the business, when it comes to health and safety.

The fact that OptiBiz becomes part of the team, has several benefits:

  • It frees up management / business owners time to concentrate on what they are good at.
  • It opens the door for open, honest communication between our staff and the clients team.
  • It ensures that clients H&S requirements are continually monitored & controlled.
  • It ensures that clients compliance is continually improved.
  • It allows the client and their staff to develop a H&S management system that suites their business.
  • It shows clients staff that the management/owner is taking their safety seriously.
  • We tailor solutions to your H&S management system, that suites your Business and your Budget and do not ‘Lock’ clients into contracts.

Our Health & Safety Services

We tailor solutions to your H&S Management System, that suites your Business and your Budget and do not ‘Lock’ Clients into Contracts. OptiBIZ’ is about relationship building with its clients and are committed to growing a lasting relationship with the client and their team.

Evacuation & Emergency Plans

Site & Workplace Inspections

Pre-Qualification Preparation & Submission

Audits & Reviews

Sub-Contractor Pre-Qualifications

Safe Work Planning

Risk Assessment & Reviews

Accident Investigation

Health Monitoring