Optibiz focus on small to medium sized business. We optimize your business resulting in less stress and more time. We are outcome focused providing a range of practical services that help to optimize business performance.

Business Discovery

In order to have an effective business strategy, we need to understand your business. Business discovery involves meeting the client to obtain a snapshot of the company to understand what is working and what isn't., what is working and what isn’t.

This is an outcome driven session with the aim of getting a solid understanding of your clients and any challenges you face.

Business Diagnostics

Business diagnostics leads on from business discovery and allows Optibiz to go in depth into the key challenges identified in the initial discovery meeting.

Profit leakage is identified through all areas of the business from strategic to operational elements.

We include the use of software with a series of targeted questions.

Business Goals

Once Optibiz has a clear understanding of your business, we then start to set goals . Goal setting is a crucial part of any business plan.

With clear achievable goals set in place you can begin to measure your success. What would the ideal future for your business look like? Starting with a clear purpose, we set clear achievable goals to help you reach your vision.

Business Plan

Over a 10 week period a business plan is developed with the owner(s) and/or team.

The plan will address all the aspects of the strategic and operational elements of the business. It allows the business to align the strategic vision with all the aspects.

Throughout development of the business plan, tasks and objectives are set and implemented.

Business Coaching

We will conduct fortnightly business coaching meetings, with the first meeting of the month focused on the month’s tasks that have been identified in the business plan.

Second meeting of the month is to review the financials with the owners to ensure profitability and forecasting. Objectives and key performance indicators are tracked, monthly.

Business Marketing Plan

The marketing plan is aligned with business plan to ensure that the target market is being reached by utilising the correct media.

Your business brand, website, search engine optimisation, Google Ads e-commerce, social media, mobile and email marketing can all be part or your marketing strategy. We network with the right people to make sure that your business is running optimally online.

Business Growth Phase - Scaling

Your business may be performing well financially but still needs guidance on aspects with scaling and how this can be done, to ensure that the growth does not affect the business negatively.

Business Rescue state

Is your business struggling with the revenue needed to maintain operations? Contact us for a free consultation so that we can help give you the right advice