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Clifford Brown - Business mentor


Clifford Brown is the owner and consultant and business coach for Optibiz. Clifford has vast experience adding value to a range of clients, ranging from small one owner startups through to large enterprise businesses.

Clifford starting working in project management as a consultant on various projects from developing a 2700-hectare banana barm in Mozambique to various mining projects with major mining houses including BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto all throughout Africa.

These projects values ranged from US$34m to US$207m which required detail planning and project controls to ensure the success of the projects.

As a business mentor Clifford is now using the valuable business knowledge he has gained over the last 20 years to help small to medium sized enterprises wanting to improve and grow their businesses.

OptiBIZ is aligned with Business Success Partners' and use their system, called the "Business Success Programme" to guide the consultation process. The Business Success Programme is unlike anything else available and is helping businesses all over New Zealand become more successful and profitable.

What is “The Business Success Programme” and Who would benefit?
  • Businesses that are wanting to achieve significant growth
  • Businesses that are wanting to increase profitability
  • Business owners that are seeking a more enjoyable lifestyle
  • Businesses that are in at that point that they are in need of rescue
  • Business owners wanting to build the asset value of their business
As part of the programme there are:
  • State of the art tools and resources
  • Experience and expertise, of not just OptiBIZ Consultants, but also the award winning consultancy team at BSP
  • programme creates a collaborative approach to your business success and improved lifestyle.

This program will produce a comprehensive business plan within the first 8 -10 weeks and then a full implementation plan that will be worked through to ensure the business achieves all of its short, medium and long term objectives.

The programme can also be utilised to work with Businesses on specific outcomes in the form of Projects to improve the Strategic or Operational Elements of any Business.

Clifford Brown
Clifford Brown - Business mentor